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Impact on the World Today

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Parents' Music Resource Center (PMRC)
Impact on the World Today
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     The world today has been greatly impacted by the PMRC. Parental advisory stickers are no longer just stickers on the album; the labels are now printed onto the album cover, obscuring the musicians' artwork.  In stores, anyone under the age of 18 can't buy a CD that sports a Parental Advisory warning label unless a parent or guardian is with them.  Some stores don't even sell them; they sell edited versions of the "offensive" albums.  In some states, anyone under 18 who buys a Parental Advisory CD can be subject to punishment. In nearly all states, if an employee sells a Parental Advisory CD to a minor, they can be arrested and lose their job.  So it may seem that the PMRC accomplished their goal of censoring music they didn't find fit for the public, but artists will always be able to express their ideas through music, no matter what kind of sticker gets put on their albums.