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Parents' Music Resource Center (PMRC)

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Parents' Music Resource Center (PMRC)
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     The PMRC (Parents' Music Resource Center) was formed by twenty wives of Senators in 1985, two of which were Tipper Gore and Susan Baker.  The PMRC came into perspective when Tipper Gore was horrified when her daughter came home with the Prince album "Purple Rain," because it has sexually explicit lyrics.  Tipper then began rallying up support from people who felt the same about rock music.  When the PMRC had formed, their goals were:


1. Print lyrics on album covers.

2. Keep explicit covers under the counter.

3. Establish a ratings system for records

   similar to that for films.

4. Establish a ratings system for concerts.

5. Reassess the contracts of performers who

   engage in violence and explicit sexual

   behavior onstage.

6. Establish a citizen and record-company media

   watch that would pressure broadcasters not

   to air "questionable-talent."  The RIAA

   (Recording Industry Association of America)

   refused to comply with the PMRC's demands.


   But for fear of losing money, the RIAA started ordering a sticker stating "Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics" to be put on albums containing profanity, violence, and sexual content. These events have a great impact on the world today.